The Misha Foundation

THE MISHA FOUNDATION, a federal, non-profit charity under the category of 501 (c) (4), which is also a political organization, was formed to assist the dire needs of animals.

The foundation devotes its resources to, and exercises its powers for educational and humanitarian purposes. The primary purposes of the Foundation are:

1.  organizing groups to promote humane treatment of animals;
2.   help abused animals on the international level;
3.  animals raised for human consumption, clothing, entertainment.
4.  work to elect pro-animal candidates to political posts at all levels;

The Foundation will strive to serve the needs of homeless, unwanted, and "last chance" animals by helping existing animal shelters which are currently underfunded and overcrowded. Additionally, funds will be donated to individuals who maintain private facilities for sheltering homeless animals.  These funds will be used for the purchase of food and medicine for the animals under the care of our local and international associates.

The Foundation will support programs to include natural habitat protection since these are directly related to animal welfare.  Equally important will be its endeavor to support persons and/or organizations whose objectives are to protect animals.  Included in this category are pro-animal persons inclined to politics and duly qualified to run for political office.