The story of Misha...
He was so tiny he fit into the palm of my hand, but from the very first moment, there was a great bond of love and trust between us.  He slept around my neck until he could no longer fit in there. Then he started sleeping by my feet, and every night he was there, sleeping like an angel. When he was still tiny, I would go to work and he would hide away, all 10 inches of him, until I came back in the evening, then he would run fast to meet me and throw himself at my feet--his paws all up in the air and a smiley face...The time passed, there was so much love...I know, in my heart, we were twin souls.

When I went away, a sitter would stay home to look after him and the other older cat, Fernando.  It was in one of these trips that something most terrible happened, and I never saw him alive again:  A psychopath killed him with the utmost cruelty, he was only 3 years old. That happened in June 1999. 

The worst part was everything:  from missing him to never being able to see him again in the garden, jumping up and down the trees.  From having no one to sleep by my feet to never have him look into my eyes with those beautiful blue eyes, full of love. Not to have him greet me ever again when I come home....

Perhaps this all happened for a reason because since then I threw myself into the animal activism to help save his and other species from the cruel hands of humans. 

So, this is in his memory...His death shall not be in vain.
by Rosa Close

Here are Fernando & Misha.
They were inseparable.  Fernando died inexplicably
one year later -- he was 13 years old: