To Expose Animal Abuse And Exploitation
Educate The Public
Promote Habitat Protection
Encourage Humane Alternatives To Animal Experiments
Organize Campaigns To Mobilize Animal Protection

Our work:
Network with sanctuaries, shelters, and environmental organizations
Distribute educational materials
Conduct peaceful public demonstrations to call attention to animal exploitation
Make presentations at public hearing and forums
Promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle by sponsoring public events and education
Conduct telephone and letter-writing campaigns

The Misha Foundation, a federally approved non-profit charity under the category of 501 (c) (4), which is also a political organization, was formed to assist the dire needs of animals.  In our view, large animal rights organizations, while providing valuable and generous service to animal rights causes, do not have the ability to reach down to the lowest level of action to help animals.  At this action level, the small private facilities, and other deserving individuals, oftentimes do not receive the aid they desperately require.  The Misha Foundation can act quickly, without bureaucracy, to provide immediate assistance to these individuals and small organizations in their pursuit of succoring distressed animals.

The inspiration for our founding was years of experience working with animal rights people and organizations, especially  "backyard" shelters where people take pity on abandoned and abused animals, and bring them home to save them from horrific abuses, and try to prepare them for adoption. These animals, most of the time, are starved, need extensive medical treatment, and are not neutered/spayed. The problem is that most people do not have the funds to help these animals and have to take in fewer animals or give up altogether.  

This is where we come in to help. For example, if a small private shelter needs a donation of food or medicine, our organization can act immediately to provide assistance.   It is also our mission to help groups who are striving to form their own animal rights groups, be it a shelter or one with educational purposes only.  Again, this is done in order to promote animal rights locally and globally since it is our philosophy to spread the word  that the non-human's suffering has no frontier:  Whether their suffering is in your backyard or on the other side of the planet it is just as painful and cruel as any.

Our political goal:

We believe that the main reason it is so difficult to get any laws on behalf of animals, be it anti-leghold traps, anti-hunting, spay/neuter,  prosecute for animal abuse, etc., is simply because we keep electing people who are pro everything except pro-animal.   They are pro-guns, pro-hunters, and apparently pro-human animal abusers.   Animal rights people are clearly under-represented as opposed to pro-gun for instance.

Our goal is to help pro-animal rights people be elected to positions where they can help our animals.  We would promote fund-raising parties and whatever else needed to raise money to have these people elected, and also would help animal people who have the inclination to run for offices, but do not know how to start or don't have the funds to start with.